2018 My Twilight Zone Studio

2018 My Twilight Zone Studio

2018.8.10 – 8.30


Michael Horbach Stiftung, COLOGNE GERMANY


“The Earth is little more than a tiny speck in a gigantic drawing.” – Kim Eull

These words spoken by the Korean artist Kim Eull (b. 1954) describe perfectly what his works express. Eull’s focus is always on drawing, using it as the source to later transfer into various other mediums; objects, painting and installations, to give form to the contours of his deepest thoughts and ideas. For the artist, however, drawing is not merely an art form, but rather encompasses his entire thought process and way of life, infusing this into his works.

These drawings, which make up most of Kim Eull’s works, generally show situations or stories from everyday life.

For Kim Eull, the most important place to create his ideas is his studio, which he calls the Twilight Zone studio. For him, this place symbolises and reflects his creative work processes. The prerequisite for Kim’s work is an objective view of situations and everyday events around him. He aims to achieve objectivity by positioning himself mentally and physically between extremes, creating his own personal cosmos, a blurred zone between day and night, life and death, the spiritual and material world, reality and the ideal. For the exhibition ‘My Twilight Zone Studio’, Eull reconstructs two models of his studio in the rooms of the Kunsträume Michael Horbach, which enables the viewer to authentically recreate his creative process and art. In one of the Twilight Zones, the artist exhibits a selection of his drawings along with various objects, which he is constantly repositioning. These model studios include several interactive toys created by the artist himself. Such a playful approach to making and viewing art is a driving force in Kim Eull’s work. The origin of his drawings is an almost childlike pleasure, and it is this delight he wants to communicate to those contemplating his work.

Kim Eull studied metalworking and jewellery design in South Korea, where is still lives and works. In addition to numerous exhibitions, he was one of four candidates selected for the 2016 Korea Artist Prize, supported by the National Museum of Contemporary and Modern Art, Korea. He is also a Professor at various art colleges in South Korea.